Setting up Continuous Integration on OSX with Hudson

Installing Hudson CI

Hudson Home

click Meet Hudson - goes to Download page

click Download - goes to specific download

click WAR File

Save resulting .war file somewhere

Using Terminal app, cd to that somewhere


 java -jar hudson-3.0.1.war

When done installing, (terminal window still active - don't type ctrl-c), open browser and enter http://localhost:8080 to open the hudson dashboard

Install .git plugin

click checkbox next to Hudson GIT plugin

at bottom of webpage, click Install

after installation is complete click Finish

get .git plugin source (optional)

on hudson dashboard, click Hudson GIT plugin - goes to Hudson wiki page

click Github - goes to Github for Hudson source

click Zip - downloads to the Downloads folder locally


get OCMock

OCMock blog page

click download "OCMock project" - goes to OCMock download main page

click download - goes to specific download/

click ocmock-2.1.1.dmg

instructions for building for ios is on page OCMock download

Create iOS project in Hudson dashboard

XCode - new project - master-detail

  • Product Name: TestDrivenIOS_01
  • Co Name: com.dokimay
  • Class Previx: DSW
  • Devices Universal
  • incl "Include Unit Tests"
  • incl "Use Storyboards"
  • incl "USE ARC"
Save under iMacSandMaster incl "Create local git repositor for this project"

Create new Hudson Project

  • Job name: TestDrvenIOSDev01
  • Descript: Per the book
  • SCM
    • Git<
      • Responsitories
        • URL of repo: /Users/jaypersonius/dev/iMacSandMaster/TestDrivenIOS_01
      • Branches to build
        • master
  • Build Triggers
  • Build
    • Add "Execute shell"
        xcodebuild -configuration Debug -target "TestDrivenIOS_01Tests" build