Copying a Joomla site to a localhost

Use Akeeba Backup on source site - pack it all in


  • localhost has web services setup and running
  • localhost has mysql setup and running
  • already know username and password for local mysql
  • already have topdir for new localhost site under the web services point

download zip of source site

unpack zip under dest site

set permissions of dirs

set permissions of files

set permission of configuration.php to 666

use browser to navigate to new localhost destination

follow automated script - insert local db info etc.

set permission of configuration.php to 444



From my archive:

============================ akeeba restore now WORKS =======================

installing a site from an Akeeba Backup (< 30 min)

create top directory with permissions 755 - note topdir name
create new empty db - note name
expand akeeba backup file into topdir

{copy .zip to topdir}

$ unzip

-or- uncompress from finder

$ find . -type d -exec chmod 777 {} \;

$ find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;

$ chmod 666 configuration.php

from web browser http://...../topdir/installation/index.php

You will be allowed to alter db info if it detects that you are installing on a different host than the orig
- check page ---- click NEXT
- restore page
Database type: mysql
Database host: localhost:/tmp/mysql.sock
User name : root
Password : *******
Database name: *******

{use defaults for the rest of the restore}
Existing tables: drop
Database prfix : ...
---- click NEXT
- site info page
username : *******
password : ....
email : ....
---- click NEXT

- delete the installation dir

login as backend admin
- global configuration : site
turn off (NO) Search Engine Friendly URLs
turn off (NO) Use NRL rewriting

on local host, uninstall all the Akeeba Backup and admin extensions
Extensions : Manage :
- look for all extensions by the author "Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos" (qty 8 ?)
System ?
System ?
System ?
mod_akadmin -- failed

$ chmod 644 configuration.php

if issues -

$ find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;

ensure 666 on configuration.php if changes are going to be made in the global configuration settings of joomla

NOTE: anything that might need to be deleted due to an upgrade of a plug in or whatever, needs to be xx6 permissions

if can't see other pages, turn off seo friendly urls and url rewritting in global configuration settings

also see instructions on Akeeba site
Akeeba Backup Quick Start Guide