Setting up a login for posting comments (on a WordPress based blog)

So, you'd like to make a comment to a blog? Some blogs allow anyone to comment, others (like this one) require a valid login first (this cuts down on spam). Here are some easy steps on who to create a login for the blog you wish to comment on.

  1. For this site in particular, you must attempt to comment before you are provided a link to click to get logged in. Click on the link below the word "Comment." Here are a couple of possible presentations - which will vary based upon how many times someone else has already commented.

    00 clickNoComment

    00 clickComment

  2. Click on the "logged in" link - which may appear at the bottom of the blog entry that you wish to comment on.

    01 clickLogin

  3. When prompted by the WordPress login page, click on "Register"

    02 clickRegister

  4. Enter your new login name and a valid email (which will be used to send you your first password) and click "Register"

    03 enterNameEmail_clickRegister

  5. After clicking Register, you will be prompted on the refreshed login page with the yellow banner instructing you to check your email. Then go check your email for a message from WordPress.

    04 resultShowingCheckEmail

  6. In the email from WordPress, select the provided password and copy it to your clipboard (using ctrl-C (for Windows) or cmd-C (for Macs) ) then click the link provided which will take you back to the WordPress login screen.

    05 openEmailGetPW

  7. On the WordPress login screen, enter the login name you chose during registration, paste the password you copied into the password entry field, then click "Login."

    06 enterNamePW_clickLogin

  8. Voila! You now have a valid login that enables you to provide comments to a blog entry. You'll be taken to your new Profile page where you can change to a new password, set your screen name, change your email, or whatever. Click "Update Profile."

  9. When done editing your email, click the upper left corner of the Profile page on the name of the website ("Dokimay" in this case). You'll be taken to the blogs where you can now offer comments (which are greatly appreciated).

    07 updateProfile_clickDokimay